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Monday & Wednesday Night Dance Schedule

Plus and Advance classes continue on Wednesdays at the same times; Plus from 6:00 to 7:30 and Advance 7:30 to 9:00. A new A-1 class starts May 1st, 2019


Boots In Squares 26th Anniversary Dance


Swing Through The Palms 2020 Fly-In



Join us for this winter get-away of sun, fun, and dancing with old and new friends at Palm Springs’ 11th annual “SWING THRU THE PALMS”; dance levels: MS thru C1.  You can see pricing by clicking on the flyer above.  Prices include dancing on hardwood floors in two halls on Friday evening, all-day Saturday, and Sunday until 1:00 PM.

Please direct questions to

STTP-2020 Flyer / Registration Form / BIS Membership Form >>

Welcome all Square Dancers!

We are Boots In Squares, a gay and lesbian square dance club in the Palm Springs, CA area.  We offer dancing weekly at the Cathedral City Senior Center in Cathedral City, CA.  Our club has 96 members and we welcome you to join us on Monday nights for Mainstream, Plus and Advanced dancing.  In addition we offer other dance events, including Plus and Advanced classes on Wednesday nights along with spring & fall dances and a weekend fly-in in February.  Please check our schedule for these events as well as a map and directions to our weekly dancing.  If you are interested in joining our club, just fill out a membership application.

Palm Springs Life magazine covers Boots In Squares’ 20th Anniversary Dance

There is a nice article and brief video of Boots In Squares’ 20th Anniversary Dance on Palm Springs Life website for your enjoyment.


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